Plantek as a Brand

Plantekas a brand was founded in early 2001 as a sole proprietor under the Business Names Registration Act. As the brand took shape and to be precise on its aspirations .
PlantekConsultants was also registered later in 2001. As the brand continued to grow, of necessity and in line with the vision of the founder, the legal status ofPlantekwas upgraded to a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 2014 giving birth to a trade/ Practice name PlantekLimited. At the same time and in the unification process of Plantek and Plantek Consultants the resulting PlantekLimited legally acquired Plantek Consultants as its Trade / Practice name going forward. This change and hence unification was intended to provide unequalled service delivery, expanding the frontiers and to meet today and tomorrow’s ever changing professional and business dynamics. Therefore, PlantekLimitedand PlantekConsultantsare made of the same DNA material called the PLANTEK BRAND in the status of Father and Son respectivelyenspouncing the same good core values enshrined in the company/ Brand profile provided. The documentation to support the above described legal and business processes are attached hereto under the legal documentation clause.
The company handles consultancy assignments in feasibility studies,
design, Project Management, Supervision, Bid preparation and Technical Evaluation of Construction Projects for the Public, Private sectors, Community based organizations and NGOs.

Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of most building projects, the company has in place an arrangement with reputable firms and companies in related disciplines to set up design consortia to offer clients a comprehensive consultancy service including project management, building economics, civil-structural engineering, electrical/mechanical engineering, land surveys and investigations and other specialized fields depending on the assignment at hand.
PlantekLimitedfurther helps the client in documenting the Physical Planning, Environmental analysis & assessment requirements of the land.
We are therefore capable of providing you with the expertise you need for the intended activities in various parts of Uganda.

About Plantek

PlantekLimited is a registered Architectural, Planning, Engineering and Project Management consulting firm. The practice brings together a wealth of creative and highly innovative professionals, creating a leading built environment consultancy.
Located in the heart of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, the practice is amongst the leading firms in the industry locally and in the region. The success of our practice is attributed to our attention to detail, technical experience, creativity and true professionalism that is evident in all our projects.
The Practice is managed and run by a team of Principal consultants who are highly qualified, experienced, committed and dynamic with vast knowledge of today’s modern modules of project design and management. These are supported by robust studio and field teams, Quality Assurance and Finance & Administration departments.
Where need arises, The Practice has links with reputable firms and qualified individuals in related disciplines to set up consortia to offer Clients a specialized consultancy service.
The practice continues to carefully explore creative opportunities for development and expansion.


Is greater than just Architecture. The one true gift that an Architect has is his or her imagination
We take something ordinary and elevate it to something extraordinary



We give expert advise in specific field of knowledge, with a given time and context at a premium price

Project Management


We give expert advise in specific field of knowledge, with a given time and context at a premium price